Is Your Property Ready for Photos?

Having your property “Show Ready” for professional photography is important. Your photos and virtual tour will be syndicated to several websites and we want you looking your best. Below are some tips to make sure your property is looking its best!

Double check all lights are working
Ensure bulbs are of the same color and working
Turn on as many lights as possible, including lamps
Turn off all ceiling fans, we don’t want blurry spots

Living Room/Great Rooms
Remove clutter, straighten book in bookshelves
Ensure blinds are at matching heights
Turn off televisions and hide your remotes

Kitchen/Dining Rooms
Clean off counters; remove any clutter, soap dispensers and rugs
Empty your garbage or hide the trash can
Remove all items posted on the refrigerator; clean off the top
Remove any dish towels hanging from the oven, sink or cabinets

Clean mirrors and all glass surfaces
Put all daily essentials out of sight
Close the toilet lid and empty the trash
Hang your nicest towels from the towel bar
Remove shower or bathtub items, such as soaps, razors, etc.

Spruce up entryways, trim shrubbery, gardens and edgings
Mow the lawn, keeping sidewalks and patios clear of debris
Display your patio space with greenery and clean furniture
Remove all vehicles from the driveway and don’t park directly in front of home

Remember: Less is more! Depersonalize your space so that the potential client can envision themselves living there. Declutter each room, this is important.

If you have special features that you would like photographed, let us know ahead of time. We are only in the home for an average of 30-60 minutes. Our photographers will not move furniture, clean or dust, wait for a home to be cleaned.

We hope this helps!

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