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Welcome! I'm Lesa Simonson, the founder of Virtual View 360, LLC. I started this company in 2002, as a Realtor, looking to improve the mediocre photography services that I was receiving for my clientele. I wanted to provide my clients with marketing materials that were tailored to their wants and needs; something that no other company was providing.

Virtual View 360 paved the way for 360-degree photography in the Kansas City Metro. Over time, our little company grew and was able to accommodate our new clients while maintaining extraordinary customer service and relationships with our clients. We took our lumps with the down-turn of the market in 2008 and are proud to say we not only survived the crash but used that time to reflect and learn about how to better serve our community by providing the latest technology and marketing arsenal that captivate their clients and increase their revenue.

My photographer of 17 years, Erin Waterhouse, became my partner this year. Our ideas and all the: "I wish we had" and "what if we could".... has come together! We provide multi-media spatial photography for any company looking to increase traffic and offer a solution for the world to experience a space without having to be there. Amazing!

Captivate your audience with personalized 3D Walk-Through Virtual Tours, professional HDR photography, drone and video productions and real estate marketing solutions that work.

We continue to pride ourselves in staying current with marketing trends and offer a variety of services at an affordable price. Many of our clients won’t use anyone else. Virtual View 360, LLC offers a level of customer service like no one else.

Lesa Simonson


Lesa Simonson

Owner/Business Development

Sam Gray

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot

Erin Waterhouse

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Chloe Nitcher

Spatial Photographer

Tanner Simonson

Spatial Photographer
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Kevin Medlin



Lauren Thurman-King

Digital Media Specialist