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Thanks for using Virtual View 360; we greatly appreciate your business! Your order has been taken and added to our calendar for your desired date.

NEXT: Our scheduler will contact you within 24-48 hours of your desired day with a time for your appointment. When ordering, if you need a specific time, please indicate that on the order form. We group our appointments by location. We look forward to working with you. 

NEXT: STILL PHOTOS/MULTIMEDIA VIRTUAL TOUR: Photos will be sent to you the same day, late in the evening. You will receive 2 (*or 3) emails. 1). A beautiful display of your photos in a portfolio format. 2). An email with links to the virtual tour (created from stills and additional ordered media), and all the complimentary tools that come with your package for $125. *3). If you ordered a YouTube Video, please allow 24 hours to receive.

3D MATTERPORT ORDER: Please allow 24 hours turn-around   VIDEO WALK THROUGH: Please allow 24 hours turn-around FLOOR PLAN: Please allow 1-2 business days to process VIRTUAL STAGING: Please allow 1-2 business days to process


How Long is an Appointment? Still Photos: 30 - 60 Min 3D Matterport: 1.5 - 4 Hours *Time depends on square footage of the property Walk Through Video: 1-1.5 hours: *Time depends on square footage of the property 

WE LOVE HAPPY CLIENTS! Below is a list of our recommended "TO-DO's" to ensure the property is 100% show-ready prior to the photographer's arrival.


Living Room

  • Double check all light bulbs are working
  • Ensure bulbs in light fixtures are all the same color
  • Turn on as many lights beforehand as you can
  • Fans need to be turned off - If there's a secret to having lights on and fans off, please set that up beforehand


  • Clean off counters; remove any clutter
  • Make sure dirty/clean dishes are out of the sink & put away
  • Empty the garbage can, or if possible, hide from view
  • Remove items posted on fridge
  • Remove dish towels from oven, cabinets and sink


  • Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored away
  • Close toilet lid and empty the garbage
  • Clean mirrors & glass surfaces
  • Hang your best towels neatly from a towel bar
  • If inside of shower or bathtub is visible, limit the number of viewable products

Living Room/Common Areas

  • Remove clutter and tidy up shelves
  • Straighten couch pillows outside
  • Spruce up entryways, gardens and lawns; trim shrubbery if necessary
  • Yard and patio should be neat; outdoor furniture should be in good shape
  • Mow the lawn; make sure the driveway & entryway are free of clutter
  • In the winter, keep the sidewalks cleared of snow
  • Remove vehicles from driveway and don't park directly in front of the house
  • Turn off televisions and hide remotes


  • Please have everything in place throughout the home. We can not move items as we go. 
  • If the camera is moving, it is in scan-mode and you could possibly be in the scan/recording.
  • This appointment usually takes 3 hours as we scan every 6-8 feet throughout the home.


  • Once your appointment is complete, our photographers send you professional photos to our amazing processor.
  • Once your HDR photos have been touched and recolored to perfection, you will receive the above listed emails.

Please Call/Text or email us with any questions or concerns. Your concerns are important to us!